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    Emergency Call & Ambulance

Name:  Dr. MD. Rais Uddin Mondol

Degree(s): MBBS, FCPS(Medicine), MD(Cardiology)
Designation: Assistant Professor (Cardiology) & Head of the department
Publication(s): 10
Cell No: 01819-750313
E-mail ID: drmdrais@yahoo.com
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Name:  Dr. M A Khaleque

Degree(s): MBBS, MCPS(Medicine) D.card, MD(Cardiology )
Designation: Assistant Professor
Publication(s): 6
Cell No: 0177-812740
E-mail ID: drkhaleque@gmail.com
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Name:  DR. MD. Ayub Ali

Degree(s): MBBS, MCPS(Medicine), MD (Cardiology )
Designation: Jr. Consultant
Publication(s): 08
Cell No: 01713-228331
E-mail ID:
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Name:  MD. Zahidus Sayeed

Degree(s): MBBS, MD (Cardiology)
Designation: Junior Consultant ( reg-1- Cardiology )
Publication(s): 05
Cell No: 01718-824627
E-mail ID: zahidus.sayeed@yahoo.com
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Name:  DR. MD. Abu Taleb

Degree(s): MBBS
Designation: Registrar
Cell No: 01712-271617
E-mail ID: drabutaleb.rmch@gmail.com
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Name:  Dr. Nishit kumar Majumder

Degree(s): MBBS, MCPS(Medicine), MD(Cardiology)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Publication(s): 4
Cell No: 01712-247751
E-mail ID: nkcardmed@yahoo.com
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