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    Emergency Call & Ambulance

Name: Dr. Md. Kafil Uddin

Degree(s): MBBS, MCPS (Medicine), MD (Neurology)
Designation: Associate Professor & Head of the department
Publication(s): Eight Publication in National and International level
Cell No: 01716-174700
E-mail ID: kafiluddin2015@gmail.com
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Name: Dr. Md. Ahmed Ali

Degree(s): MBBS, MD (Neurology )
Designation: Associate Professor (C.C)
Publication(s): Nine National & one international Publications
Cell No: 01556-300028
E-mail ID:
Skype ID:
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Name: Dr. Md. Pervez Amin

Degree(s): MBBS, MD(Neurology)
Designation:  Assistant Professor (c.c)
Publication(s): 04
Cell No: 01715-804202
E-mail ID: pervezamin@gmail.com
Skype ID:
Facebook ID: Pervez Amin

Name: Dr. Munzur Alahi

Degree(s): MBBS, MD (Neurology )
Designation:  Assistant Professor(c.c)
Publication(s): 03
Cell No: 01716-180626
E-mail ID:  munzur68@gmail.com
Skype ID:
Facebook ID: Munzur Alahi

Name: Dr. Pijush Kumar Kundu

Degree(s): MBBS, MD (Neuromedicine )
Designation:  Assistant Professor
Publication(s):  01
Cell No: 01712-044774
E-mail ID:  pijushkundu774@gmail.com
Skype ID:
Facebook ID: Pijush Kundu

Name: Dr. Mukul Kumar Sarkar

Degree(s): MBBS, MD (Neuromedicine)
Designation: Registrar
Publication(s): 01
Cell No: 01718-170987
E-mail ID: mukul34rmch@gmail.com.
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Name: Dr. Reza Nasim Ahmed

Degree(s): MBBS, MD (Neuromedicine)
Designation:  Indoor Medical Officer
Cell No: 01923-644975
E-mail ID:  reza222777@gmail.com
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