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    Emergency Call & Ambulance

Blood is a source of life. Without blood life cannot exit even a moment. Blood transfusion is an essential part of the modern health care. It can save life. An efficient and experience team consisting of a senior professor, an associate professor, medical officers and medical technologists are serving in the transfusion medicine department of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. It can fulfill the needs of blood & blood products for emergency & routine demand of this hospital and clinic also. Modern & sophisticated machines are available for preparing blood components. Blood components are red cell concentrate, fresh blood, fresh frozen plasma, cryo-precipitate. Now physicians can treat the patients like haemophilia, burn, aplastic anaemia, thalasaemia etc. A day care centre is running for transfusion of aplastic anaemia, thalasaemia, chronic anaemia. Before supply of blood, every donor’s blood is screened for infection like HIV- AIDS, Hepatitis B & C, Syphilis, Malaria and proper grouping with crossmatching. More than 50,000 units of blood are necessary to fulfill the demand per year. Through voluntary blood donation programme and motivation work we meet this requirement.

"Donate blood Save life"